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  1. Access RadDiscord content (board review lectures, Case-of-the-Day, etc.)?

You must join RadDiscord as a full member (free!), and use the Discord website/app.

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2. Where do I find the Zoom lecture recordings?


NOTE: Not all lectures are recorded!

IF that particular lecture IS recorded, please give 5-7 business days (a rough estimate), and keep checking on RadDiscord #pinned-resources.
Usually, the best option is to attend the sessions and take notes if you need immediate access.

3. Too many notifications - help! How do I mute?

You can Mute channels, or you can also Mute certain types of notifications (Go to Settings >> change Notification types).

Screenshots for reference
right click the image to the right, and
click "Open in new window" to enlarge)

4. Make a post

Simply type text as you would normally do with every other messaging system.

You can also add pictures or a file (see screenshot to the right).

5. Start a direct message

Right click on any user's username, and click "Message"

6. Join the leadership team