About us

Our mission

RadDiscord’s mission is to provide equal access to radiology knowledge to all practicing radiologists and trainees.

RadDiscord also seeks to continually improve how radiologists are educated in order to advance the profession of radiology.

Our Story

RadDiscord was created on October 10, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, to create a community for Radiology residents to collectively study for the board exam.

This community quickly expanded to include devoted faculty educators, fellows, and motivated radiology residents from all over the world who are passionate and engaged about learning.

While there are many fantastic online radiology resources, this is the first international online radiology community that promotes real-time interactions for our members to ask questions, discuss cases, debate difficult concepts, share tips and resources, get career advice, and build friendships. Many devoted educators and past residents have also volunteered their time to help make this community succeed.

We hope you will find this server useful and productive for your studying. Welcome and good luck!

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